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If you have not already done so, you may begin uploading files to your site. The process by which files are transferred to the server is called File Transport Protocol (FTP).


With the order confirmation sent to you by mail you will also receive a user ID and a password needed to log in to our server in you personal directory.


Many shareware providers in the Internet offer FTP programs. You may also get WS_FTP at HostCenter.


After entering you IP address (a 12-digit number such as for example under Host Name, your user ID and your password, WS_FTP connects to your server and you can copy data from your hard disk into your personal directory on the server and vice versa (similar to the explorer in Windows). After the activation of your domain name by Switch or HostCenter you can log in with your domain name instead of the IP address.


When you connect to the web server, you will connect directly to the "root" directory of your account. You will see several system folders such as /bin, /etc. and /stats, which are landmarks suggesting a successful connection. Please don't modify these directories; don't transfer any data into them and don't delete any from them. The only system directory that you may use is /cgi-local; this directory is reserved your programmed CGI scripts.

You may modify the uploaded information at any time for free. To make your home page load automatically, name the HTML document "index.htm" or "index.html" in lowercase and upload it to the root directory of your account. Be sure to upload HTML documents in ASCII mode and images in BINARY mode.


WS_FTP can't automatically connect to the Internet. So if you want to transfer your data via FTP, make sure to connect to the Internet first (for example go online and open your browser) before starting WS_FTP!

This page will be replaced automatically when you upload your index file, so rename this file or print it for future reference.


You can use your web based Control Panel to view stats, set mail forwarding options, change your password and more.


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